Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blog Hijacking

While I didn't get any work done yesterday, I did do one thing: I hijacked monkey's blog for a day.

To prove that I have massive gravitas, I started a gravitas-off with monkey.

Of course, in the gravitas off, I was initially the villain because I was accusing monkey of lacking gravitas. Then when all of monkey's loyal readers came to his aid, I pretended to be hurt because they were ganging up on me. This of course, turned the tide of comments again and out of pity, one person offered to stroke my nards!

I'm so diabolical!


jiggs said...


Alistair! said...

And you have to comment on your own post? Sad Jiggs. very sad.

jiggs said...

It got you to comment on my post, didn't it Alistair? HAHAHA! Victory is mine!

Alistair! said...

*Yawn* ;o)

Monkey said...

So there was a method to your madness! I wondered.

Mr. King of Gravitas. You won, but if there were a Simian Gravitas Contest (how likely is that?) I would win, absolutely. I will wait patiently for that day.

I believe more than one person offered to pet the said nards. A veritable nard patting cult surfaced, if memory serves. And it does.