Monday, September 26, 2005

Withdrawal is not just a form of contraception.

And speaking of contraception, here is a question for you. Someone I know who is a fourth grade teacher was recently preparing her class birthday list, and I realized that the majority of the birthdays are in Spring, with May being the most popular month. This made me think of my school days, where I had noticed the same thing. Now, she teaches in a predominately rich school district with a lot of white people and Asian people, and I grew up in a similar situation (less Asians, more Jews). So my question to you, our loyal readers, is:

Why do rich white/asian/jewish people like to concive their babies in the late summer/early fall more than any other time of the year?


Calzone said...

LOL...Thats too much!!!!!!

Monkey's Human said...

I think I've said this before but... I was conceived on New Year's Eve, in the back seat of a Pontiac stationwagon, which was wedged into a snow bank.

I guess this means my parents were in a different socio-economic class?

jiggs said...

Here's my guess:

I think the theory your suggesting, Booty, is too specific. I would bet that there are more babies in spring because there are more marriages in the summer than at other times of the year.

Thus the dependence on socio-economic status/racial bias is actually a bias in the observer and not the underlying system.

Also, your face likes to conceive its babies in the late summer/early fall.

Monkey's Human said...

I always thought the rate of births depended on the season. But that is what comes from living in Maine.
Most of our birthdays are in September and October. It gets dark here at 4PM in January and the icestorms cut out electricity for days at a time.

We could all either play Monopoly, or "wolf and piggy".

Monkey's Human said...

P.S. Your face uses contraception.

(I'm on wild migraine meds. Stop me now.)

jiggs said...

No Monkey's Human. Keep going! Don't Stop!

FRITZ said...

I was born in May. So was my mom. And most of my friends.

That's really wierd. What is it about September that makes people want to get it on? Change of season? White people get cold so get nooky?


Lee Ann said...

I was thinking similarly the other day. I notice a lot of September birthdays (Christmas babies) and a lot of November babies (Valentines babies). haha good question!