Thursday, September 29, 2005

We are not safe for work!

I just got awesome news from coops. Apparently his work internet won't let him view our blog!

But he can view Calzone's and McDougals sites. That means that we are dirtier than both of their websites!

It does suck that coops can't read the site, though.


Friends of McDougal said...

Must be the nudity.

Let's just hope Monkey doesn't see those toes.

Friends of McDougal said...

OH, God. I'm too late.

Calzone said...

That just because I come over and curse randomly.

Finger Fuck.

Fred said...

who sucks coops?

this site is filth central. there should be some sort of literary filth award for blogs or somthing, you guys would win hands down. down where i hear you ask? well thats because you're all filthy boys. FILTHY MOTHERFUCKERS

jiggs said...

We are certainly naughty boys.

You're right, Fred, there really ought to be an award for literary filth. Even if we didn't win it, I'd like to see the blog that did.

Monkey said...

I'm going over to Calzone's blog right now and increase his "naughty bits" rating. Oh yes, indeed, I am.

And Friend of McDougal? I dream about those toes at night. Calzone says I drool in my sleep too.

jiggs said...

I'm happy that I have the primate foot fetishist market cornered.

Monkey said...

primate foot fetishist

Just wait, this will come up in your next Keyword Search Analysis