Friday, September 16, 2005

President bungles again

This is just not George's week. First, he forgets to pee before a big meeting, and now he reads the wrong speech, which his speechwriter deemed to be to "Democrat". In fact, it was so liberal that the conservatives that normally support Bush were even riding his ass for this one.

Which makes me wonder -- if he was able to deliver a speech that was so far from his "ideals" and not notice, does he even have any opinions of his own? Or does he just say whatever they feed him? Can he even read the speeches ahead of time if he wants to, or does Dick Cheney not allow that?


jiggs said...

Yo booty. I can't tell from what you wrote here, but the link you posted was a satirical piece.

Booty J Patrol said...

Damnit, son of a fuck. I could pretend that I knew it was satirical, but I won't.

Thats twice! The first time I almost posted a satirical piece on only realized it wasn't when I went to post the link and it was on the Onion (I didn't even realize it when I read it). There should be a satire warning on stuff like this... :)

slappy said...
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