Thursday, September 22, 2005

I wish there wasn't a big ass hurricane heading towards Texas.

Cuz if there wasn't, I would say that today is a great great day. I'm fucking beat, but it's a good kind of beat that comes after passing your qualifying exam.

For those of you that are confused, let me put it this way. I'm not really Jiggs Casey. I'm not even Joey Lawrence. I'm actually this 27 year old douchebag that is trying to get his PhD. And today I passed the last actual test I needed to take.

I was very nervous. And even though what I'm about to say will disgust you, I'll say it anyway. I'm covered in my own sweat from being yelled at for two hours. But I look on the bright side. It's over with and I was wearing earplugs.

So to summarize: I wish there wasn't a big ass hurricane heading towards Texas.


Calzone said...

Congrats on passing your test and I wish their wasn"t a big ass hurricane headin toward syou either bro.

But what the fuck do you mean you aren"t Jiggs Casey?? What kind of bullshit is this??

Monkey said...

Wait... you mean you're not Jiggs Casey? You don't run a huge University that I just got my diploma from? Is this all a sham???

(Congratulations on defending your dissertation? perhaps? Congratulations on whatever it was.)

And we here at the Monkey House wish a big ass hurricane weren't headed for Texas.

Monkey said...

Obviously Calzone and I read this post at the same time. And yes, we are spoiled... he's got his own computer, it's a fucking Dell, but he's a dragon, so what does he know?

(Not that Dell is a bad company. I'm just a Mac fanatic.)

Calzone said...

Wait a second, you arent that fucking asshole slagathor are you?

allison said...

congratulations! what an accomplishment jiggs (i'm still going to call you jiggs b/c 27 yr old douchebag is too long).

i had no idea you were in Texas. This sucks doesn't it!?! I had a dinner party for me and mijo. It was fun and delicious. Then we played a few rounds of Trivial Pursuit on PS2. If it wasn't so windy and weird sounding outside I'd attempt to go somewhere but as sad as it is.....i'm happy right where I am.

Do you think when this is all over I'll be like Jack Nicholson in the Shining? I think I'm showing symptoms. I accidentally washed and dryed my sheets twice.

Lee Ann said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!
Dr. Jiggs :)

jiggs said...

Wait. I don't live in Texas. I just feel bad for that part of the country.

allison said...

oh ...umm...thanks?

jiggs said...

Let me rephrase in a way that sounds less condescending:

It seems silly for me to call today great when people are evacuating. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy, but today would have been better without this other stuff happening.

Anyway, I hope that clears stuff up.

allison said...

well, i'm not evacuating. they say the worst it can get here is like 70 mph winds with rain. The coast line is the danger zone.

Monkey said...

Dr. Jiggs! I better change the name of my link to this blog.

jiggs said...

I'm just a total ass here. I haven't gotten my PhD yet. The test I took was me dissertation proposal.

Regardless, thanks so much you all for all your kind words.

I;ll write more after CSI ends.

jiggs said...

Ok. I'm back.

So to summarize. I'm not really jiggs casey. Nor Joey Lawrence. I don't live in Texas. I live in California.

I just finished my dissertation proposal but I still have to do the proposal. I am happy about passing the test, though I would be happier if there wasn't hurricane. (My grandmother lives in San Antonio).

Oh yes. One final thing: I'm an ass.

Fred said...

so why was some guy shouting at you for 2 hours? did he think you were jiggs as well?

Pete shouted at me last night, i am sad :(

jiggs said...

Yo Fred: The way the exam works, is that you get four professors in a room and you try to tell them what you want to do your dissertation on. But the trick is that you can't really do that because they yell at you the whole time where whole time is two hours.

By the way, you're rotating pictures like a madman!

Now I'm going to go to sleep.

Fred said...

yeah, there's been some changes in my life, mainly Pete demanding more exposure. now he wants his own frikkin blog? i dunno, cats eh.

Calzone said...

This is such you mean to tell me I masturbate every night to a man that doesn't exist?

I hope you're happy. Now I'm going to have to think about Fred.

Monkey said...

Jiggs ~ While there is no doubt that you are an ass, of lovely dimensions I might add, I regret that I added to the confusion over your Phd. trials and tribulations. Here at the monkey house, several of our friends and family have received their Phuds and the entire process (where the rooms of people are involved) can be simultaneously exhausting and demoralizing. Congratulations on getting through your two hours.

Hope you got plenty of sleep.


jiggs said...

Calzone: Sorry to burst your bubble, but everyone we masturbate to doesn't really exist.

Case in point, Calzone: No one real is going to give you the foot job that you've been craving.

And Monkey, I got plenty of sleep.

Calzone said...

Okay bro, its couth gettin advice on sexual matters from a PhD. Thats like getting financial advice from a homeless guy.

jiggs said...

You got me there. Last time I got laid was in the Nixon administration. And that doesn't even make sense!