Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I hate the New York Times

They are now charging people $8/month to read the editorial page on the website. Hey, there's a reason I read the Times online - I'm a grad student and I'm poor. The whole point of the Internet is to form a community dedicated to the core principle of not paying for stuff.

New York Times, I hate you.


allison said...

where is Jiggs?

Booty J Patrol said...

Jiggs has gone off on another one of his Columbian Blueflake benders, but should be back shortly.

By the way, we hope that you are in a safe location with all the nesecities of life, such as water, food and access to this blog. :)

allison said...

thx booty...everythings cool so far..except the fact that it just turned into a category 5 hurricane. i'm thinking about turning this place into a liquor store for the next 5 days. which reminds me i need to go to the store to get a few items. what the hell do i buy? apples, pop tarts and wheathins a case of rootbeer? if the power goes out then i can't cook.

this is really f-ing annoying.

slappy said...

How close are you to the storm track?

Stay safe - and pop tarts have both the highest calorie density and shelf life. Three boxes should last you through anything.

allison said...

about 100 miles. i'm safe, but "then the rains came"

jiggs said...

I'm right here AP. My Colombian blueflake high is wearing off, so they are letting me on the computer again.

Every time you post on this blog AP, I remember that you are super cool. So cool it makes me think, "Why can't I find a woman like AP?"

Then the song "Jessie's girl" starts playing in my head.

Ignoring this tiresome inner monologue for the time being, let me just say that the jiggblog contributors have many ties to the hurricane threatened areas and are rooting for everyone down there.

My grandmother lives in San Antonion, my Aunt and Uncle and cousins lived in New Orleans and Tasty's parents live in Corpus Christi.

allison said...

this is going to sound ridiculously retarded but my parents are still in Colorado and Stephen is with the boat in South Padre..and I'm sorta scared. i know i know i'm suppossed to be an adult but i'm about 4 years behind (maturity wise) from other people my age. i've never been "on my own"....i mean i've always lived alone but never been on my own. does that even make sense? i don't even know how to work the breaker thingamjiggy. *slaps face- wake up stupid baby*

jiggs said...

That's not retarded at all. I'm actually 38 years more immature that people in my age group. Relatively speaking, I'm negative age.

I used to be housemates with booty and whenever something broke I'd have to call him up and ask him to fix it. Now I'm housemates with Tasty and he is my fix it man. I know that sounds homo-erotic, but there's nothing homo-erotic about him fixing my shit when it's broken. Damn it. It still sounds homo-erotic.

Regardless, it makes sense to be scared. Also we're all straight.

By the way, where did you live in Colorado? Both me and Tasty used to live in Colorado Springs.

slappy said...

No Jiggs, what makes it homoerotic is that Tasty never has a shirt on when he is doing repairs. Plus, you call him Tasty. Tasty.

Remember: One box strawberry, one box chocolate fudge, one box variety. Pop Tarts will see you through.

allison said...

we have a house at Garden of The Gods near Kissing Camels. my parents are "snowbirds" spending 7 months out of the year there.

weird coincedence!

ok back to hurricane essentials this is what i bought tonight:

low fat pop tarts- strawberry

ozarka- as much that would fit in my cart...but there was a woman on her "bluetooth" ear piece who was so freaking annoying. i had to get out of the aisle immediately.

apples- gala

bananas- and banana smoothie pckts

twinkies- 1 box

hawaiin punch light- mini bottles next to the orange juice (refridgerated section)

ore ida crinkle fries

root beer- 5 six packs (bottles)

8 liters of club soda

key limes

that's all i have so far. i can only take the grocery store in doses.

jiggs said...

NO NO NO. You must have Fuji applies. Gala apples will mold too easily in the hurricane humidity!

Actually I'm just kidding. I don't know shit about apples.

And FYI slappy, pop tarts are disgusting. You might as well be eating cardboard filled with sand.

Oh and AP, get some mint so you can make some mojitos. Nothing makes a hurricane go by faster than the sweet taste of a mojito.

allison said...

this just in :

"this is the 3rd biggest hurricane in the history of hurricanes."

-The Weather Channel

allison said...

the problem with mojitos is that i make them by the pitcher so i tend to drink twice as much as i normally would.

i need to be somewhat coherent in case Mijo needs me.

jiggs said...

Have you ever given Mijo a mojito? Mijo's mojitos. That sounds pleasant.

I wonder if "category 5" is going to be synonymous with being really pissed off.

"After finding out that I was stealing paper clips, my boss went completely category 5!"

allison said...

Mijo's Mojito's i like it.


the mint would keep his breath nice and fresh.

i don't appreciate getting matched up with a 39 yr old divoraced engineer. where is the list of people i can look through?
my favorite was "how important is hair?"

jiggs said...

Yo AP: I think I missed something. What did you mean by the following?

"I don't appreciate getting matched up with a 39 yr old divoraced engineer. where is the list of people i can look through?
my favorite was 'how important is hair?'"

Were you looking at the jiggs personal ads?

allison said...

yeah.....i was at going through the personals.

jiggs said...


So I'm going to go offline for a while so I can get some food.

Talk to you later AP.

allison said...

i'm going to bed. c ya jiggs



Fred said...

night night! don't let the bedbugs bite. unless you like that kinda thing of course

Monkey said...

Hey Allison... a concerned primate here checking in. Are you evacuating?

I'm glad you bought bananas as a hurricane supply. Very important food group indeed.

Fred said...

where is everyone? i'm worried. prime's on his way to kick some hurricane butt.

slappy said...

Maybe Prime can throw Bumblebee into the Gulf and break up the hurricane. God knows Bumblebee isn't good for anything else.

TastyMcJ said...

No kidding AP... If my mom hasn't already boxed up our photo albums and moved them to high ground, I'll have to see if she can send me some copies of the pictures of me at Garden of the Gods, with the kissing camels in the background....

I spent a lot of time there as a kid (and so did my parents, who both grew up in the springs).

Small world.

We used to live in the Cimarron Hills area in the early 80's, which at the time, was right on the edge of town.

allison said...

small world. it's really pretty there....especially in the summer.

Fred said...

slappy! i love that article you wrote on about transformers. i founds that page through google and thats how i 'met' you guys.

Fred said...

"Prime is a big red eighteen wheeler cab with the voice of Charlton Heston doing an impression of John Wayne"

you know it. he has the balls of both too.

slappy said...

Optimus Prime has four balls... it all makes sense now.