Sunday, September 18, 2005

I hate having to set my alarm on the weekends.

I have to drag my ass out of bed at the crack of 10 tomorrow morning to finish up this damn grant proposal presentation so my thesis project continues to get funded.

Fuck capitalism. Why can't shit be free?

Of course, I guess then no one would have incentive to get out of bed at all.

Unless we were going to get paid with sex. That would be sweet. I'd probably get out of bed for that....


God I need to get laid.


jiggs said...

I hear that.

Lee Ann said...

Oh! Sorry TastyMcJ!
and you too Jiggs!

Calzone said...

I'd be happy to just be paid by having someone lick my sack while I touch myself. I find your attitude to be at the most greedy, and at the least capitalist to the extreme.

TastyMcJ said...

Now, don't think me too selfish.

I'd certainly take a good sack licking... no question about that.

My general M.O., which shouldn't be misconstrued as lust-greed, is to aim high but then be able to live comfortably with rewards that are somewhat less.

TastyMcJ said...

...and thanks for your sympathy, lee ann.

Calzone said...

First of all my names not Lee Ann. Secondly see there you go again...needing it to be a "good" sack licking. Your living in a dream world man. But your style....fabulous.