Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Banditos de culo, Ocho!

God Bless Mexican Porn


Calzone said...

Mexican porn is couth, nothin hotter than naked chicks in sombrero's.

allison said...

jiggs you're such a perv.....but i still love you though :-)

Fred said...

i once saw a speedy gonzalez porno. was a bit short though.


allison said...

fred i just noticed the feline ornament on your shoulder. i like it. i have a dog and if he didn't weigh 110 lbs. i would carry him on my shoulder as well.

Monkey said...

Porn. Porn. Porn. Monkey Porn. Mammal Porn. Umm... lizard porn. Kitty Porn. Dog Porn. Frog Porn.

I hope the search engines enjoy all the hard work I've put into this comment. Dammit it all.

jiggs said...

Yo AP, it's nice to know that a perv like me can still feel the love in a workaday world like this.

And hey, I like asses. I like them a lot. And while I like all asses, I disprefer tiny flat ones. Is that so wrong?

It took me two readings of your comment Fred for me to get your joke. You're suggesting that speedy has a problem with premature ejaculation. That's good.

Calzone, I'll be honest. I'm not looking at the sombreros.

And Monkey, thanks for all your hard work on that comment.

Friends of McDougal said...

I've recently developed a visor fetish.

Is that weird?

jiggs said...

A visor fetish? That's not weird. That's awesome! You can just walk by some fraternity houses if you want to get going.

Calzone said...

It's not the's the humiliation I adore. Next time you get laid ask your lady to go down on you wearing a sombrero, then crush the sides down over her ears.

Its hot bro.

Lee Ann said...

What makes it so good? A little queso on the side?

Monkey said...

Fraternity Porn. Sorority Girls Gone Wild. College Orgies.

Just doing my part.

jiggs said...

Keep it coming Monkey!

Lee Ann, don't listen to Calzone. It's not about sombreros or queso. As the foremost British poet Sir Mixalot once stated, it's not about race, it's about rearends.

TastyMcJ said...


That's my word verification word!

Jmjossm! Hot Damn! Good God y'all!

If Bill Cosby and James Brown had a baby... I hope to high hell they'd name it....


Btw. Banditos de culo uno thru tres were where it was at.

I really think once they hit cuatro things got too political.

Hopefully they'll get some fresh writers for nueve.

Fred said...

jokes aren't funny unless people don't get them until 4 hours later whilst on the toilet or making toast or something.

Allison, that's my friend Pete on my shoulder. i haven't seen her in a while. i think the bears got her :(