Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Religion is cool

Although I have converted to Pasatafarinaisim, two recent news items about religion have caught my eye. The first is this site, which is trying to collect the most offensive religious jokes in an attempt to show that a new law in the UK about hate speech would curb free speech rights. I don't know if the method will work, but the jokes are still pretty funny.

And then there is Wait Wear, a new clothing line that includes such gems as the "Abstinence Ave, Exit When Married" underwear:

and the "Traffic Control, Wait for marriage" bikini brief:

As one commentator said "I don't know about you, but they should probably be writing on those panties 'If you can see this, it looks like I changed my mind about abstinence'".


jiggs said...

I don't think people ought to assume that parading around partially clothed means that you've changed your mind about abstinence. Sometimes you just want to get naked and talk about feelings.

jiggs said...

Also I can't ever remember. Does having oral sex imply that you lost your virginity?

Friends of McDougal said...

I got some of these for my dog, but I modified them with a Sharpie. They have the nice message about celibacy in the front, but on the back, they say, "I take it in the poop shoot."

She loves 'em.

TastyMcJ said...

So, I'm confused. Basically the first pair are Pro-sex?? To me that sign says you shouldn't exit onto abstinence ave. until you tie the knot.

This would seem to be more in line with the reality I've come to know and love by watching the fine programming on Fox.

Maybe these religious folk should stop worry so much about doin' it and start worrying more about learning how to read traffic signs.