Tuesday, August 30, 2005

In the spirit of Swamp Dog, I'm going to brag about my capabilities

I have a magic tongue. Tying a cherry stem is child's play. My tongue is so dexterous that it can make origami cranes.

Time to just sit back and wait for the ladies to beat down my door.


Fred said...

thats impressive. i once made a detailed map of the london underground lines with my tongue and spaghetti.

oh no wait, i mean i ate spaghetti once.

besides, i dont think bragging about your ability will get you anywhere. you need proof, like some references or a "client testimonial" page somewhere on this blog. that'd be good.

Friends of McDougal said...

Wait ... I think I'm lost. I was looking for a way out of here. I was looking for the back door.


jiggs said...

Once, after the pilot of an aircraft passed out from alcohol, I piloted the plane to a safe landing with my tongue.