Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I was just thinking....

He creeped us out in The Frighteners, made us laugh in Starship Troopers, reminded us how big of douchebags your religious zealot terrorists can be in Contact, and he made Tomcats worth watching....

So, where the Fuck is Jake Busey's 'Leading Role in a Summer Blockbuster'?

I mean, come on people.

My ideal movie pitch to the assholes in Hollywood:

Jake and his dad could do some sort of Police Action/Drama/Comedy. They could call it Busey Weapon, or 2 Busey 4 U.

I'd pay to see that.



slappy said...

Okay, you pair him up with Hammer in

2 Busey 2 Quit

The theme song/dance number are already written.

TastyMcJ said...

I would also pay to see that.

jiggs said...

Jet pilot Busey destroys a jet controlled by a robot. Call it "Stealth Busey".

Or a reworking of the Highlander series starring Jake Busey called "Busey, the Quickening"