Thursday, August 18, 2005

The "Flag this Blog" is total bullshit

It's arbitrary fucking bullshit. Some weak minded bullshit horse fucker might happen upon the blog and think "I'm some kind of fucking loser. I should click the fucking flag button like a weak piece of shit."

And the fucking rules they have are so fucking arbitrary bullshit.

Is our blog "questionable"? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Does that mean that some fucking pansy ought to be able to keep other like minded douchebags from reading our blog? No fucking way.

Everytime I start to think that I like Google, they pop up and do some bullshit like this. It flies in the face of everything that the internet is about.


Danius Maximus said...

praise the lord! you continue to preach the good word brother, we'll continue to listen. And fuck those mother fucking piece of shit flaggers. I truly hope they feel good about themselves for making the world a cleaner place while junior looks up scat porn in the other room to burn onto cd and sell at school the next day for drug money. They should all be deported to the seventh circle! Fuck yeah!!

TastyMcJ said...


Those Fucks. They might as well redo the button graphic so it reads:

"Trounce on the fucking bill of rights?"

and they could have a little peice of parchment instead of the flag.


Friends of McDougal said...

I am certain my site will be sent to John Ashcroft (though he's retired now) and fascists will come to my house and kill me in my sleep.

jiggs said...

I'm certain that fascists would have killed you in your sleep, mcdougal, whether or not the flag button existed

jiggs said...

I love anger.