Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Check out these sites

The friends of jiggsblog have their own good sites:

Friends of McDougal: This site is great if you're a sweaty palmed pervert.

AP's blog: This gal is funny and super hot.

smang: Go for Bruce vs. Prime, stay for the smang. I wish I knew what smang was.


Fred said...

super monkeys and nerdy geeks.

actually thats a lie, one day my friend, lets call him Justin Driskill, to protect his identity, was asked a question; "What would you do if your momma has named you smang?"

obviously thats a stupid question, but its the simple answer.

allison said...

thx Jiggs! Love having you around


Friends of McDougal said...

Thanks for the link, Jiggs Casey.

I've got you linked from my site, but due to content restrictions imposed by the FDA and FAA, I cannot address your site directly in an article.

I guess I could do it "indirectly" though ... Have you ever been sodomized or had a limb violently ripped from your body by McDougal? Has he ever sold any of your organs for gas money?

Maybe I could link here under the guise of additional information about a "friend of McDougal's".

Stay tuned ... I'll speak with the consortium.

jiggs said...

Possible definition for smang: To suck snot out of another person's nose as a sexual act.

jiggs said...

I've always thought that Jiggs Casey and McDougal would have made a great buddy comedy together. But how would we get Jake Busey involved?

allison said...

um i just read the pat robertson post. what the hell??????? you can't be serious

larin von smartass said...

oh, patty boy and the bible belt are totally not kidding.
nothing like death threats on the 700 club

allison said...

did ya'll actually see this on the television?

my red hair turned white when i read jiggs post from earlier. someone needs to check the Robertson dude into a mental facility!

Friends of McDougal said...

Wait ... Jake or Gary?

I was thinking Nolte and Busey (Gary).

That would be my preference.

I'll make some calls.