Saturday, July 23, 2005


Some dumass has proposed a 25% tax on internet porn.

Get your protesting shoes ready.


jiggs said...

If they pass this legislation and my internet porn gets taken away, I just might have to get porn the old fashioned way:

By playing Grand Theft Auto

slappy said...

However can the porn moguls avoid the tax? It's not like they're an entirely digital operation that can easily move overseas and operate out of the Caymans... oh wait. My sweet, sweet pixelated booty is safe!

Anonymous said...

Um, well this is where google comes in as a good thing. Go to Google images, put in offensive sex-words, and then at the search results, click on "SafeSearch is ON" and change the results options. Save, and boom. Porn, for free. (Can they tax $0? Sure, but they won't get anything.)