Monday, July 18, 2005

MythBusters is "Jackass" for nerds

Some people just don't understand Mythbusters.

Mythbusters isn't about the science. It's not even about the myths. It's about dudes getting together to pull stupid stunts, just like "Jackass" was a few years back. Except Mythbusters has a few more actuators and a little less vomiting.

People criticize the show for overly complicated experimental set up, bad assumptions, and just bad science in general. But all those things that might be perceived as shortcomings are actually postmodern virtues. The more complicated the experiment gets, the happier I get. The more absurd their assumptions become, the more joyful I become.

The whole idea that the show could be good science is just absurd anyway. The two main dudes don't appear to have technical or scientific backgrounds. They're just out there to build stuff and have fun.

They're like the scientists of old when it truly was an art rather than what is thought of today as a science. Remember Benjamin Franklin's most famous experiment? It was tying a key to a fucking kite. And then, as the story goes, he was electrocuted. I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't an upcoming episode of Mythbusters.

Further, the folks at Mythbusters have added something that all the other science shows like Mr Wizard or Bill Nye were too timid to include: tits! I wouldn't be surprised if the ratings went down 5 fold if they were to get rid of science babe Kari:

Notice that in absolute terms, she's not actually that hot. But to a bunch of nerds that wet themselves at the mere site of a woman, she's a goddess. It's like when a girl with slightly above average looks is taking an engineering class. Suddenly she's surrounded by a pack of nerds. Like dogs the nerds obnoxiously bark to gain attention, but are too timid to attack. Truly the nerds are more scared of the woman than the woman is scared of the nerds.


Anonymous said...

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matty said...

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Tumbleweed said...

Is Matty really Carl Spackler?

Jadwin said...

They tested Ben's key on a kite... not only was it a complete bitch to set up, but it would have killed him if that's how it really happened.