Sunday, July 31, 2005

More on those Chicken Fries....

Yeah, they're good. But I think I'm going to boycott them. They're basically just smaller, slightly differently flavored and textured chicken tenders, but with less meat.

Now, if they were chicken curly fries, you'd have me completely sold.

Imagine it... you could get a regular chicken fries with onion rings combo, or a curly chicken fries with fries combo. or regular chicken fries with fries. or curly chicken fries with onion rings. That's like...22 choices!

Then you could actually go into a fast food place and for the first time get a truly healthy, well balanced meal that conisists of all 4 major food groups:

1)Fried straight meat,
2)Fried curly meat,
3)Fried 'other' (i.e. potato), and
4)Something involving onion or onion flavoring.

Now that is American Decadence.


jiggs said...

if you had fried onions, would that count for both groups three and four? What if it was fried onions with onion flavoring?

TastyMcJ said...


Perhaps I should have listed them in a different order. 'other' refers to anything not in 1, 2 or 4.

Diversifying your diet is important.