Thursday, July 21, 2005

Grand Sex Auto...

Well, the politicians have done it:

Just because there was some unactivated code in the release of GTA:SA, which I guess someone 'unlocked' with the "Hot Coffee" mod for the PS2 that now allows you to play this 'simulated sex' minigame... the ESRB is up in arms and is changing the rating of the game from Mature (17+) to Adults Only(18+). What the fuck?

This is the most overtly bullshit thing since that whole SimCopter 'fiasco'.

Jeez, next thing you know 'the man' will be coming down on me again for slipping that 'bestial necrophilic content' into the source code for those children's websites I used to write for (necrophilic my ass...that goat was barely dead).

I mean, what is this country coming to?

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jiggs said...

The thing that amuses me about the Grand Sex Auto screen captures is that the guy is fully clothed while the woman is naked. This probably indicates some kind of confusion on the part of the programmers regarding how babies are made. Then again, they are programmers which probably suggests that they are virgins.