Saturday, July 09, 2005

Don't drink the Kool Aid, Katie!

This Katie Holmes interview is pretty creepy. Do Scientologists drive around in white vans? Do they listen to Helter Skelter? Do they prefer grape Kool Aid?

From the article:

During the W interview, the actress wouldn't part from Jessica Rodriguez, who is described as her "Scientologist chaperone." Rodriguez's role in Holmes' life remains vague, though Rodriguez says they're "just best friends" since meeting around the time Holmes met Cruise.

"You adore him," Rodriguez told Holmes when the actress was at a loss for words to describe her love.

Hmm... Holmes has a new best friend that tells her how to feel about things. Did you ever see that Star Trek movie where the little worm things crawl into a person's ear to control that person's thoughts? Scientology now reminds me of that.

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