Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Slapping and Retarded British Youth

I clicked on an article that I hoped was about masturbation. It turns out, though, that "happy slapping" has nothing to do with masturbation and instead is a trend in the UK where British Youth beat the shit out of people for no reason other than to videotape it.

I'm not unhappy that I read the article, however because it taught me something valuable: British Youth have severe mental handicaps. Consider the following passage from a British Youth's blog:

"So I deserve a beatin yeh?" replied Huni bo. "Wes onli do it ppl lyk are age ish, say from 15 -- 19 or 20. summats, wunt do it to an old man, even though they keep avin a go at us, an it dus are heds in!"

I hadn't realized it, but A Clockwork Orange was nonfiction.


Brother Seamus said...

In a (perhaps) related article, I just read that a lack of Vitamin C, and in particular a dearth of citrus fruits in one's diet, leads to mental retardation, as well as a peculiar proclivity for crumpets.

jiggs said...

Hadn't the British learned anything from 500 years of seafaring?

Fred said...

i am a 23 year old from 'sunny' london, and i was almost a victim of a happy slapper. if i hadn't pushed him off his tricycle i would have been toast.

Fred said...

i do like crumpets too, but only because they taste heavenly.