Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sty Watch: Day 3

Having a slight facial disfigurement, like the pinkish swelling of my eye ain't so bad. actually. It's sort of like having a scar in that it provides a little mystery. And at the barbeque I was just at, it was a great conversation topic:

Me: Hi there, pretty girl. My name's Jiggs. What's your name?
Pretty Girl: My name is Anita.
Me: awkward pause
Pretty Girl: So Jiggs, what's that hideous thing on your eye?
Me: It's a funny story. My eyelid swelled up because of a clog in a sebaceous gland.
Pretty Girl: I just vomited in my own mouth.
Me: Pretty funny, eh?
Pretty Girl: No, actually.
Me: So you wanna have sex?

And FYI: Anita kicked me in the nuts. Then we had sex.


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